GreenDog Music Service

Tuition overview

Learning stages

Because every student has individual abilities and requirements the actual tuition will depend on the students direction and progress.

The teaching philosophy used is that you will be taught at a your own rate. There are never deadlines set such as "you must learn this piece by this date", however, we do expect you to have the motivation and self-discipline to learn and practice the teaching given to you.
We understand that everybody learns at different rates but students choose this tuition of their own free will with a desire to achieve a goal. We will get you there if YOU want.


Terms and conditions for private students (NOT SCHOOLS)

Costs and payment

A deposit equal to the cost of one tuition session is required. The purpose of the deposit is to secure a tuition session for the student. The deposit will also be used to compensate the tutor in the event of the student missing a lesson, unless more than 24 hours notice is given or another student can substitute for the session. The deposit can be used as payment for the final tuition session or the amount may be refunded when tuition ceases but not after 28 days after the last tuition session.
This effectively keeps the student one payment ahead of the current tuition. Payments are to be made at tuition sessions unless otherwise agreed with the tutor.
Any student attending a session but is unable to pay for their tuition will forfeit their deposit money and the tuition session and must repay another deposit before tuition commences. Students who are often unable to meet their tuition costs will be dismissed. Tuition prices are subject to annual review.


Cancellation procedure

Cancellations may be made by phone, sms text message or by email if more than 24 hours notice is given.
If you are unable to provide at least 24 hours notice you must make the cancellation by telephone where an answer phone is available. (use contact details provided)

For the majority of current students the conditions above will have no apparent affect on their tuition. From time to time students will need to skip lessons, as I myself may wish to do so, for reasons such as holidays, etc. This is fine as long as I am aware of the situation with sufficient notice and will not begrudge or hold this against any student.
If, however, you wish to take any significant time away from lessons you may wish to consider putting your lessons “on hold”, whereby I will re-fill your tuition slot with a new student but will offer you the next immediately available free session when you are ready to resume tuition.
If your circumstances prevent you from providing sufficient notice the penalty may be wavered at my own discretion. Anything less than 24 hours notice will not be acceptable. This may sound harsh but I must draw the line for the sake of myself as well as all of my students.
The reason for these conditions may benefit students who wish to take an extra or alternative lesson outside of their regular sessions. For example, if a student cancels their due lesson but wishes to “make up tuition time” by taking another student’s cancellation they have the opportunity to do so.
If I have sufficient notice on cancelled sessions I am able to offer them to other students.