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The process

We can advise and suggest on elements of music production where you may be unsure of what is suitable and take you through the development stages, explaining our process along the way.

We always value any ideas you may wish to contribute, ultimately, so we can compose music that satisfies your objective.

Planning and procedure

Before the recording of any music, a good deal of preparation work has  to be done. Initially, we need  to know the purpose of your media product or event. Once certain criteria has been identified and the media objective is recognised we can begin to form some ideas and, if required, get your approval to ensure we are all working with the same aspiration.

We require certain details from you to determine the final result.
From you we would need to know:

  • The purpose of the media application
  • Style and genre of the media production
  • Intended end receiver of the media
  • Amount of music required
  • Position of music (background, theme, etc.,)
  • Any synchronising requirements