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About GreenDog Productions

We pride ourselves on the quality of our music and the attention that goes into all of our productions. We can create and deliver a unique solution with a mark of identity whilst maintaining awareness to the customer's requirements to deliver the required package.

Productions which we can musically assist in:

  • TV, radio and film; entertainment or informative
  • Advertising
  • Corporate video and public information
  • Educational  applications
  • Multimedia formats including interactive CD-ROM & internet
  • PC and other game consoles
  • Live use: Theatre, exhibitions & demonstrations

We are able to compose music in a comprehensive range of styles to complement and accompany most media applications, making the most of the content. We specialise in contemporary styles which will give your production a modern and up-to-date feel. Unlike other composers we choose not to use samples libraries or pre-recorded material to maintain the originality of our works.

Why choose us?

Our experience of providing a wide range of music to suite a diversity of applications is the result of years of experience with other bodies in live and studio environments, giving us extended knowledge for most situations. 

 We can:

  • Compose completely original material, custom-made to fit your media application
  • Enhance the message or purpose of a media application
  • Contribute toward making your product or event unique, adding a mark of original identity
  • Transform the feel or mood of a production
  • 'Shape' the music to fit (including synchronising with video or moving pictures)

Whether you're a new business starting out or a multi-national company you'll find our music productions project original style with quality.