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Music for media

In today's highly competitive multi-media world you've got to be aware of every method of getting your message across. It doesn't take a much logic to realise the advantages to be gained through promoting your product or message to the full.
 Watch any television programme or advert, play any game console or see a theatre production and you will undoubtedly encounter music being used to enhance the experience.

Why use music?

Pictures and sounds can convey the information you want and project an image to the receiver, making an essential connection between your objective and your target. Specifics such as music can seem trivial during the process.

Proper use of music will establish a feel which can influence and transform the real meaning of a media production. It can also be used to bring something new and happening to any event, sustaining attention and strengthening a message. Music is often employed to strengthen a statement and can help to regulate the pace of any presentation.
Choosing the right music

Any music will introduce some form of essence and character, but choosing the right kind to accomplish the 'real' purpose is something often overlooked.

By adding the right music to your production you can:

  • Draw attention to your product or event
  • Make the media more interesting or entertaining
  • Establish a mood or atmosphere
  • Associate more identity, making media memorable
  • Generate energy and excitement
  • Regulate the flow of information

Used in conjunction with advertising and marketing, custom written music has notable advantages in that it provides greater client identity. We have experience of providing a range of music to suit various media developments, aided by our specialised recording studio which uses the latest digital technology.

So why have music composed?

There are two main ways of applying music music to your application.
The first is through the use of Library Music. This is usually a set of fairly non-specific recordings created by music publishers to be used by anyone in a diversity of media products and events.
The second  way is to have your music custom made.
So why not use "off-the-shelf" library music? Used in conjunction with advertising and marketing, custom written music has the main advantage of providing greater recognition and outstanding client identity. Original music will also add a unique quality to any multimedia product or event.
Using Library Music is the cheaper alternative but runs the risk that the music has been used for some other production.
Furthermore, having your own music soundtrack scored and performed for you means you are assured of the quality that you deserve.